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Betton - Machines graphiques

5, Rue Pierre Lemonnier
ZI sud de Bonchamp
BP26152 - 53061 LAVAL CEDEX 9

Tel Nº: +33(0)2 43 67 90 90
Fax Nº: +33(0)2 43 67 90 32
E-mail : jacques@betton.com

Nº RCS Laval B 381 136 597 – Ape Code : 295L
SARL with a share capital of 120 K€

The technical team

Our team of technicians, experts within the fields of mechanics, electro-mechanics and pneumatics, cover all the skills that the graphic arts industry may require. The customer knows the technician is nearby so that he can count on maintaining a direct relationship with him.

Another advantage of our export sales department: it is made up of a multi-lingual team that responds to the requirements of our sales force through :

  • communications in their own language.
  • technical specifications and data regarding the proposed items.
  • monitoring of all trading operations.
  • we also export our technical know-how across the globe.


CD102-4L, CD102-5L, SPEEDMASTER 102VP, 102ZP, SM102-2P, SPEEDMASTER 72V, SM74-5, SM74-4PH, SM74-2, SM74-2P, SM74-5 CP2000, SM52-2, SM52-4, GTOV 52, GTO 52, LITHRONE 428, LITHRONE 528, SPRINT 228, SPRINT GS 228, ROLAND 304, RYOBI 3304 HA, RYOBI 520 NP, RYOBI524 HX, 524HXX.