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Betton - Machines graphiques

5, Rue Pierre Lemonnier
ZI sud de Bonchamp
BP26152 - 53061 LAVAL CEDEX 9

Tel N: +33(0)2 43 67 90 90
Fax N: +33(0)2 43 67 90 32
E-mail : jacques@betton.com

N RCS Laval B 381 136 597 Ape Code : 295L
SARL with a share capital of 120 K

Our services

Our business is buying and selling graphic arts equipment. We have makes that are well-known and revered among graphic art professionals: HEIDELBERG, KOMORI, ROLAND, KBA, RYOBI..

The quality of our services can be seen in :

  • The equipment inspection and maintenance we offer our customers and traders.
  • The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic overhauling we carry out in our own workshops.
  • The way we replace worn parts with original spares.
  • Our careful cleaning and technical diagnosis.
  • Our personal programme for installation and driver training.
  • Our 6 month guarantee covering parts, labour and travelling time.

Our technical proficiency can be seen in :

  • The valuing and estimation we give to printing workshop equipment.
  • Our collection and cash payment for any graphic arts equipment we have previously inspected.
  • The maintenance of our graphic arts equipment.
  • The way we reconstruct graphic arts machinery.
  • Material transfer and storage.
  • Items shipped in containers on trucks.
  • Dispatch.